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Rex: I was listening to Carol Swain on a podcast the other night and she described herself as 'African-Americ...' and then corrected to 'a black person.'
Rex: I love that. Mainly because I say black. I don't like hyphens.
Rex: I'm legitimately confused now. Is this a movie I want to see or is it not?
ctrex: Maybe?
Rex: Elias is a cool character. I really loved that show.
Rex: I gotta go with no then, Chris. I'm 55 next month. I don't have 2 hours to waste these days. smile
Rex: Wonder Woman was not a great movie at all, but it had Gal Gadot. A black dude doesn't have the same pull for me. No offense to black dudes.
Rex: White dudes also don't have the pull for me.
CasualMeyhemActual: OH! my heart...
CasualMeyhemActual: (I kid.)
Rex: It's true, CMA. I like the ladies. I know Adam Rippon is broken-hearted over it too. Not that I'd bang that little bitch if I were gay...
Rex: I put up a 'me, now' avi last night. As you can see from looking at that, I ain't exactly a chick magnet these days. Unless I get rich and get me a Vanquish S. Maybe I'll do a gofundme...
CasualMeyhemActual: At one point the Govt took the suit from rogers...and the shield.
Rex: When I went to meetings, my input was most often 'Why are we here wasting time? I have shit to do, a country to defend.'
Rex: I was very popular with the troops.
CasualMeyhemActual: They tend to turn into bitch sessions. Except for me of course. My bitching is gospel.
Rex: Some of the meetings I attended were productive and needed. Some were led by a Canuck Lt Col. He was a fat prat.
Rex: That last comment was from my last unit, the Intelligence Fusion Centre (a NATO intel support unit) that was new at the time. Most nations (even France!) sent their best people. Canada sent Canadians.
CasualMeyhemActual: Whoops.
Rex: Conte Partito. I love that tune.
CasualMeyhemActual: Feel better Sarjex!
CasualMeyhemActual: Great show!
jmo: good show
CasualMeyhemActual: Black and white?
ctrex: eh?
Rex: An enjoyable hour indeed. Thanks everyone.
CasualMeyhemActual: Good Night! (All the krypton clips I've seen are colorless. hope there is some somewhere)
Rex: Adieu, farewell, Tshcuss
CasualMeyhemActual: Good Night All!
ctrex: g'night all
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